Postponed until 2021 due to the pandemic

El Salvador Immersion Trip

Join us for a mission immersion trip to learn more about the people and church in El Salvador and explore how we are linked to the people of Central America in the bonds of global solidarity. 
Immersion includes:
Pre-trip orientation
● On-site introduction to the cultural, economic, and
political realities of El Salvador
● Celebrate the Feast Day of St. Oscar Romero
and visit many of the sites associated with his life
● Walk in the footsteps of the martyrs of Central America including the U.S. Church
Women and Jesuits at UCA
● Visit Maryknoll missionaries, hear their stories of
working with the people of Central America and discover
how their work in mission connects with yours
● Pastoral work with the Missionaries of Charity
● Meet the people of El Salvador and listen to stories of
hope and challenge
● Daily communal prayer, liturgies and theological
● Visits to historic and cultural sites
● Post-trip debriefing and reflection
● Credits for Continuing Education

Estimated Costs:

Room, meals, and in-country transportation;
$920 Single, $850 for a double (per person)
● Participants are responsible for air travel to and
from San Salvador estimated at $650
● Passport required (Visa not required)

For general information regarding Maryknoll immersion trips including the requirements to participate and what will be expected if you application is accepted visit:

Immersion Trip Participation Requirements

 For more information contact:

Deacon Kevin McCarthy | Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers or 413-374-3861