We're sorry, this trip has been postponed until 2021 due to the pandemic.

El Paso, TX / Juarez, MX Summer Immersion Trip

Summer 2021

Columban Mission House

El Paso, TX


This week long July immersion trip to El Paso,TX will expose you to the current realities at the US/Mexican border as thousands continue to flee to the US to escape violence and poverty in their own countries. You will have the chance to hear first-hand from immigrants, those who work with them, while also getting input from the Border Patrol and an immigration court judge. It is an opportunity to learn, judge, and analyze for yourself in light of the Gospel what our responses might be.

The trip is particularly designed for teacher, catechists, and other parish ministers, but is open to all who are open to learning and then sharing from what they have learned. 

Estimated costs excluding airfare: $700 which covers meals and lodging in El Paso, TX

For general information regarding Maryknoll immersion trips including the requirements to participate and what will be expected if you application is accepted visit:

Immersion Trip Participation Requirements

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Deacon Kevin McCarthy | Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers | kmccarthy@maryknoll.org or 413-374-3861